Here’s how you can currently support me in my bid for an NRA BOD seat:

1. Print off and mail in the NRA Member Nominating Committee form. The form can be found here.  ENSURE you fill out YOUR information at the bottom before sending it in. These forms MUST mailed to the NRA Secretary by Aug 7th 2016! 

2. If you’re an NRA Life member or have been a regular NRA member for five or more consecutive years, you can sign the official NRA BOD nomination petition. I need 250 valid signatures by Oct 1st 2016! Click here to sign

3. Donate! In order to reach more NRA members I have to get past the “filters” on social media platforms. If you don’t pay, they don’t let you play. Click here to see how you can help!

4. Seek out your local firearms store owners. See if they would be willing to collect valid petition signatures on my behalf. If so, direct them over to this page for more information. 

5. Save some of the photos found on this link and share them on social media. Don’t forget to direct them to