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Unwavering Support for the Second Amendment: As affirmed in District of Columba v Heller, original intent is key. (Justice Scalia 2008) Many hold this right to be as essential as any Amendment in which we rely. Our right to free speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, or to keep and bear arms is retained per se. A demonstration of need, In my opinion, and the opinion of the Supreme Court is not as intended. Rather it is an individual right and ours to be held and defended.

Steadfast Support for Rule of Law & Due Process: Concepts such as due process and equal protection ensure each person is afforded the same application of law. The rule of law as set forth by the Constitution ensures we are not governed by the will of the majority, a powerful minority, or the sentiments of the politically correct. The rule of law and due process under the law, I believe, drives the success of our great country. Individuals running afoul of the law are run through the process.

While I believe there are cases where a person’s rights may be restricted, it is never without just cause and due process. Knee-jerk no-fly lists in reaction to domestic terrorist attacks lack just cause and, currently, the list side-steps due process. It is my belief that we allow for restrictions as is just and relieve restrictions as is defined by law. Anything less sets a dangerous precedent empowering few to strip rights as a reaction to word or domestic events.

To that end, after the Orlando attack, anti-gun groups took the opportunity to attempt a side-step due process and declare anyone on the no-fly list should be barred from purchasing a firearm. This came disguised as “Don’t you want to be protected from terrorists?”. Our NRA leadership wholeheartedly agreed with one caveat, due process. The ruse was seen for what it is and it went no further. While this is good in the sense that due process was not subverted, we failed to seize the opportunity to get the message out.

Seize Opportunities to Innovate: As a member of the board of directors I will seize every opportunity to drive the NRA toward innovation in web presence, social media,  and mobile applications. to drive the message to a wider audience, and more often. I want our organization to bring the great efforts for safety, training, and responsible gun ownership to a broader audience. The NRA is always willing to come to the table, create solutions, and temper laws that do not and cannot instantiate or sustain positive change We should capitalize on our strengths, identify any opportunities for improvement, and address those opportunities.

Increased Training: As a training business owner, training for the beginner through the instructor is one I observe closely. On the NRA BOD, I would capitalize on name recognition of the NRA and expand our reach. I intend to propose multiple levels of training and educational services from web-based and free to advanced certifications in specialized disciplines for both the individual and the trainer.

Trainers, like me, should adhere to curriculum and standards. This level of rating, much like the NRA’s ratings of politicians, tells the prospective student that the NRA’s review indicates the meeting or exceeding requirements. These designations maintain our organization’s high standards and prevent improve the NRA brand.

Prior to standing up Tier 1 Group, Steve served in some of the most sensitive international billets in the US Marine Corps including US embassy security posts deep inside high-risk nations. He climbed the enlisted ranks within the Marine Corps at twice the average speed. In 2004, while serving in Iraq, Steve was wounded by an enemy IED which lead to his eventual retirement.

Steve’s service hasn’t stopped. He currently serves on a number of boards of directors and spends an inordinate amount of time providing no-cost training seminars for law enforcement agencies nation-wide. Because of his continued dedication and commitment to his country and its Constitution, being elected to the NRA’s Board of Directors will be a natural fit, and a sure-fire way to see that our rights remain preserved.

If you would like a better understanding of Steve’s background, take the time to read a number of his past articles featured on his training blog (click here). If you’re a member of Linkedin and would like a more in-depth review of Steve’s work history, click the Linkedin pic below to be taken to his Linkedin page. 




Personal observation ;

In the years since, I retired from the Marine Corps I have found that successful people don’t let professional jealousy phase them, nor do they disparage others because of it. The professional strives to be better than those around him and keeps their goals steady in their sights, ready to engage on any opportunity that may arise. I have also noticed that those who fail are the ones who consistently spread rumors, talk shit, and are too lazy to try and do it themselves. While these people may feel good vilifying others that professionally make them look inadequate, the successful ones don’t waste time with such childish behavior. They spend their time building companies that dominate their respective sectors in the industry. Thus enabling some to train more warriors and support even more veterans. In the end success is based on actions, not words. Talk is cheap… success is not    Steve R. 

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