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NRA Board of Directors

The US Constitution and its amendments have been under attack. It’s been happening. Yet as a law-abiding, gun-owning American, you’re probably only concerned about what liberal politicians are trying to do to the Second Amendment. Do you not feel as strongly about the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments as you do the Second?

Not unlike you, US Marine Corps veteran Steve Reichert has witnessed political assault after political assault against our Constitutional rights. After serving in Iraq, Steve now has over a decade of training experience in the private sector, teaching tactics and techniques to law enforcement agencies as well as special operations personnel. However, his specific views on exactly how to secure America’s Constitutional rights differ from most. Where many would simply stage a large and peaceful rally in the hopes of making a tremendous spectacle for all the major news outlets to carry, Reichert knows the results aren’t always going to sway political opponents’ views. Rather, Steve believes more cunning methods and techniques can be applied to effectively shape the political climate on American soil – much in the way our military and intelligence communities do in foreign countries.

Supplementing his unique talents to safeguard liberties and freedoms for all Americans, Steve has a passion for imparting others with the skills and knowhow he has come to master over many years of service. World-renowned shooting expert Bill Rogers said, “I have known Steve Reichert for twelve years. He is one of the top firearms instructors in the nation and is an exceptional one-on-one instructor. With Steve’s military combat experience and his present shooting skills, I know few others that could offer firearms training at his level.” In short, Reichert’s unconventional political methodology coupled with his teaching abilities make him an extremely-qualified candidate for the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors, as well as the training subcommittees.

Steve has been extremely successful within this industry. He was directly responsible for establishing one of the premier full-service training groups in the US. Such training methods and leadership qualities allowed him to flourish from a startup instructor to an industry leader in merely three years. During his tenure as CEO, his company, Tier 1 Group, trained over eight-thousand of America’s most elite special operations warriors. And in doing so, Steve gained a wealth of additional skills and information one could only amass after having been exposed to the best and brightest service members. In addition to the US military, some of our nation’s top private defense contractors have also turned to Steve for guidance on complex issues vital to national security.

Prior to standing up Tier 1 Group, Steve served in some of the most sensitive international billets in the US Marine Corps including US embassy security posts deep inside high-risk nations. He climbed the enlisted ranks within the Marine Corps at twice the average speed. In 2004, while serving in Iraq, Steve was wounded by an enemy IED which lead to his eventual retirement.

Steve’s service hasn’t stopped. He currently serves on a number of boards of directors and spends an inordinate amount of time providing no-cost training seminars for law enforcement agencies nation-wide. Because of his continued dedication and commitment to his country and its Constitution, being elected to the NRA’s Board of Directors will be a natural fit, and a sure-fire way to see that our rights remain preserved.

If you would like a better understanding of Steve’s background, take the time to read a number of his past articles featured on his training blog (click here). If you’re a member of Linkedin and would like a more in-depth review of Steve’s work history, click the Linkedin pic below to be taken to his Linkedin page. 




Personal observation ;

In the years since, I retired from the Marine Corps I have found that successful people don’t let professional jealousy phase them, nor do they disparage others because of it. The professional strives to be better than those around him and keeps their goals steady in their sights, ready to engage on any opportunity that may arise. I have also noticed that those who fail are the ones who consistently spread rumors, talk shit, and are too lazy to try and do it themselves. While these people may feel good vilifying others that professionally make them look inadequate, the successful ones don’t waste time with such childish behavior. They spend their time building companies that dominate their respective sectors in the industry. Thus enabling some to train more warriors and support even more veterans. In the end success is based on actions, not words. Talk is cheap… success is not    Steve R. 

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