KKM Precision

KKM Precision For most shooters, a factory barrel on their handgun will serve them well for everything they could task their handgun to do. For others, their skill level and ability to accurately place rounds on specific points on target surpasses the attainable accuracy a factory barrel can deliver. These shooters could greatly benefit from […]

Never outgunned… we hope!

I recently read the article the Washington Post put out asking why the Corps hasn’t fielded a long-range rifle to keep up with the other branches of service and more importantly potential future adversaries. The article I can only assume purposely glanced over two larger caliber rifles in current use by the Corps, however, it […]


Over the past few years of bouncing around the US, I have had the pleasure of meeting some outstanding law enforcement professionals who run 1st rate SWAT teams. I have also bumped into my fair share of teams who’s seemingly primary focus is on looking cool vs. knowing how to execute one of the most […]

GPS Spoofing

The word spoofing sounds like something my eighty year old grandmother would say in reference to a bad joke.  But don’t be fooled, be aware, be concerned, and be educated spoofing is no joke. Unlike GPS jamming which often result in loss of satellite signal tracking or signal denial, jamming could potentially be unintentional. GPS spoofing […]