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Steve shares a common goal with business owners, to facilitate delivery of usable technological solutions to both the U.S. Government and private industry through an acute insight of future systems & trending purchasing requirements. This understanding has been established through personal & professional relationships with industry leaders and commanders across the global special operations community. Steve strives to find new technologies and avenues for corporations to expand their business in both the domestic and international marketplaces.

Steve Reichert has three major areas of value-added service:

Product Promotion
Leveraging the latest in social media technologies, Steve has a vast audience. If your products meet his standards, Steve’s endorsement carries a tremendous amount of weight. What sets him apart from others is the broad spectrum of people he reaches on a daily basis through his training company, news media commentary, or social media. On an average daily basis, Steve has over half a million dedicated (and like-minded) subscribers while his weekly social reach varies from 7 million to 20 million depending on commentary during the week.

Groups who wish to do business with the global special operations forces often find it to be an agonizing experience. Well-intentioned but cumbersome bureaucracy combined with both domestic and NATO security clearance requirements prevent many military solutions from becoming reality. Steve provides clearances and contacts with the principal decision makers to successfully navigate these obstacles. He ensures your ideas and products are in front of the proper people, providing your company access to a rather restrictive market.

Most companies find it essential to have end-user feedback and input during their product development. This allows the company to interact with potential clients and provide products that meet their requirements without going through multiple R&D iterations. Steve works directly with end-users and is part of drafting requirements and statements of work. By being part of the process that determines deliverables, Steve will help reduce the number of R&D iterations saving your company money and getting your product to market faster.

With Steve Reichert on your team, you will see results. Steve brings a group of experts from various fields ranging from NASA Ph.D.’s to award winning photographers and movie producers.

To date, not one of his clients has been disappointed. More often than not, customers are requesting that exposure is toned down, to allow them to catch up to the demand. Good problems to have!

If you are interested in exploring how Steve can assist you or your company, take the time to send a note via the contact page on this site.  Please include:

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