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Does The NRA Do Enough?

Many have commented that the NRA leadership doesn’t do enough. Many have asked why they should support the NRA after what happened Virginia. This comment is in reference Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s attempt to undermine concealed carry reciprocity via executive order (NRA Institute for Legislative Action, 2015). It is true that NRA headquarters is in Virginia. It is also true that the governor took bold, anti-gun, action.

I, too, think that the NRA should do more. The NRA should never let this happen because it does not address root causes of violent crime, is anti-gun not anti-crime, and serve to restrict the law-abiding. Take note, that I did not say NRA Leadership. It is understood that there is always room for improvement, even with the NRA Leadership. However, the NRA is not just its leadership.

The NRA is “the premier firearms education organization in the world” (National Rifle Association, 2016).  Its success is due to the sacrifice of time and effort that “nearly five million members have given to champion Second Amendment rights and support NRA programs” (2016).

In other words, I am the NRA, you are the NRA, and we are responsible for doing more.

For my part, I am running for the Board of Directors; I have a team of NRA members who volunteer in the background to assist. We research, listen to members, take down information, and formulate a plan. Some of those volunteers have taken up the banner of doing more by writing to representatives in their respective states.

The NRA-ILA  website menu TAKE ACTION provides options. Figure 1, shows the menu with TAKE ACTION selected. Each menu item provides a way to take action from tweeting or writing lawmakers to writing to the media.

We, the NRA, can and must take action.  We must let lawmakers know that the NRA is watching, the NRA votes, and the NRA is you.

Our fight is about the rights not granted to us in the Constitution, but our inalienable rights only articulated within. Any circumvention of our Second Amendment rights is a foothold to further Constitutional erosion. For this reason, I choose to stand up and fight.


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